6 of the Juices that Help Cleanse the Colon

Digestion breaks down food particles into either nutrients to be absorbed in the body or waste to be expelled from it. The colon, in particular, is responsible in transporting the waste and leftover toxins in the gastrointestinal tract to be flushed away. Some ailments like constipation and diarrhea may arise from when the colon fails to function as it should. These ailments could further complicate into arthritis, allergy and asthma. As a solution to the build-up of waste in the intestinal tracts, colon cleansing should be undertaken. There are many options to help cleanse the colon including the intake of fruit juices.  Here are specific juices that help cleanse the colon

#1 – Orange Juice

Juices that Help Cleanse the ColonOrange juice is a known source of vitamin C which is an antioxidant. But the rather overlooked component of vitamin C which is fiber aids very well in colon cleansing. According to health experts there is a total of 0.5 grams of fiber in a glass of concentrated orange juice. It is best to use freshly squeezed oranges than concentrated ones. In addition to its colon cleansing properties, the vitamin C in orange juice also helps prevent the attack of free radicals and reduces the susceptibility to colon cancer.

#2 – Lemon Juice

Lemons, like other citrus juices, are also great sources of vitamin C. Lemons, too, have an inherent antiseptic property which helps reduce if not eliminate infectious particles in the intestinal tract often in the form of bacterial pathogens. This action facilitates a certain degree of detoxification as lemon encourages the liver to generate enzymes which do just that. As a result, waste in the gastrointestinal tract is easily flushed. Lemons also contain limonins, a class of flavonoids specifically present in the fruit, which have carcinogen blocking properties, consequently preventing colon cancer.

#3 – Apple Juice

Aside from being a rich source of antioxidant vitamins A and C, apples are also high in fiber content (at least 3 grams of fiber per fruit) and water (85%). Raw apple juice with its fleshy parts still intact is a better concoction to cleanse the colon as compared to commercially processed variants which contain more sugar, thus averting the normal digestive process. After all, who needs added sugar when apples already have a natural sweetness to them? Moreover, the fiber in apples is responsible for the bulking up of waste matter in the intestinal tract, making them easier to expel afterwards.

#4 – Prune Juice

Prunes are known unprocessed laxatives and the same is true with prune juice.  But unlike commercially manufactured laxative pills and colon cleansers, prune juice cleanses the colon without having to irritate the digestive tract. A serving of whole pitted prunes provide the body with its potassium, copper and vitamin A needs, a little over 12 percent of the recommended fiber per day, while one cup of prune juice contains 3 grams of fiber responsible in colon cleansing.

#5 – Pear Juice

Pear, like the apple, is perhaps one of the dietary fiber rich fruits available. According to health experts and nutritionists, pears provide us with 24 percent of the daily required fiber which is equivalent to 6 grams. Similar to other fruit juices, pear juice is best when freshly made but it can be stored in a well sealed container and refrigerated to prevent spoilage.

#6 – Apricot Juice

Sorbitol, a known laxative, is present in apricots. Hand in hand with apricot’s sorbitol content, the ample amount of dietary fibers also found in the fruit prevents constipation while cleansing the colon. Apricots are also good sources of vitamins A and C and the mineral potassium.

Fruits are always healthy and natural sources of vitamins and fibers which help in colon cleansing. And in order to help cleanse the colon better, it is recommended to drink only juices which are freshly squeezed from the fruit.

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