How to Use Celery and Apples to Cleanse the Colon

In the battle for stabilizing the health of the intestinal tract and against constipation, most experts turn to one solution, which is colon cleansing. The common substance known to empty the intestines of its left-over toxins and waste matter is fiber. In this day and age, there are several brands of colon cleansing supplements which contain ample amount of fiber. Still some experts advise that istead of taking in supplements, go directly to the source: fruits and vegetables richh in fiber. Two such food sources which are rich in fiber include apples and celery, and the fiber in these fruits and vegetable serves to aid in colon cleansing. There are several ways in which one could incorporate apples and celery in the colon cleansing diet.

Step 1: Create Dishes

Celery and apples could be tossed into dishes such as salads. Both celery and apples are added to salads to provide another layer of texture and a surprise crunch. Apples also naturally sweeten salads such as in the Waldorf salad, a salad made with a medley of fruits or salad variations done with pasta. Apart from salads apples and celery may also be added to several other dishes. Celery could be added to soups and in some known Asian Cuisines. Apples are often used as a core ingredient in most pastries such as pies and tarts but have more healthful value when added to high protein casseroles and as a stacking ingredient in sandwiches.

Step 2: Consume Them Whole

Celery and Apples to Cleanse the ColonWhen we think of apples as snacks we often imagine those delectable home-made pies, crumbles and tarts prepared by our moms. But experts say that consuming the whole apple fruit or a stalk of celery provides the maximum benefits from their fiber contents as pertinent to colon cleansing. One small apple or a stalk or two of celery direct from the fridge is all it takes to make a filling fiber rich snack. Each piece of apple or cup of celery is equivalent to one count of the recommended daily serving of fruits or vegetables essential in nutrition.  Both apple and celery are best when eaten plain but just for added flavor, apples may be eaten with peanut butter and celery dipped in a low calorie salad dressing. For easier consumption, sliced apples and diced celery are availably packed in some markets.

Step 3: Keep It Healthy

Scrap the high calorie apple pie ala mode and replace it with fresh apples or applesauce for dessert instead. They are not only calorie free but are virtually sugar free as well. The natural sweetness of the apple fruit helps to curb the appetite while giving a feeling of fullness without the discomfort of feeling bloated. If you wish to do something more to the apple, do no more than bake or grill it then add a dash of cinnamon and a bit of sugar to taste.

Step 4: Eat Them With Water

A recommended 8 glasses of water for drinking per day promotes proper digestion and colon cleansing. But drinking the recommended daily dose of water together with consuming an apple and celery ensures one of a well cleansed colon even more. In addition, apple and celery could be blended into shakes too.

With the advent of medical discoveries regarding dietary supplements which may aid in colon cleansing, there is still nothing better than grabbing the purest sources of fiber rich foods. Apples and celery will always be readily available (not to mention way more affordable) than whatever colon cleansing supplement there is.

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