A Dietary Supplement Called Miracle Cleanse

Miracle Cleanse or the 7-Day Miracle Cleanse has emerged from a sea of other colon cleansing supplements. The 7-Day Miracle Cleanse, however, is a dietary supplement that promises not only to flush out the build-up of toxins and waste particles in the gastrointestinal tract, but it also claim to have a potent ingredient which would help remove any parasite that may be born out of the waste deposits.

The 7-Day Miracle Cleanse works in three stages and provides the bodily systems with the health benefits coming from an infusion of natural herbal ingredients. In addition to its two major cleansing actions, the dietary supplement also gives an assurance of promoting a balance in the body’s pH levels and to ward off toxins from further attacking and building up after previous toxins have already been expelled from the body. The 7-Day Miracle Cleanse boasts of the 3 major supplements in its fold: Parasine 2, Herbal Mucous Eliminator and Super Boost Greens.

Parasine 2

Miracle CleanseParasites thrive in the intestinal tract over time, with a prolonged stay of the residual waste and toxins in the intestinal walls. These parasites cause a failure in the digestive tract’s capacity to absorb nutrients vital for the sustenance of other bodily processes. Parasine 2 is much like a more advanced version of those anti-parasitical syrups administered to children to rid their systems of intestinal parasites. Only, Parasine 2 is more lethal for even the worst types of worms and parasites in the intestines. Parasine 2’s ingredients include ground walnut hulls, ground pumpkin seeds, ground organic cloves, ground wormseed, wormwood, the laxatives senna pods and cascara sagrada and brucca. The laxative contents of Parasine 2 serve to facilitate an easier flushing of toxins and waste matter from the colon.

Herbal Mucous Eliminator

The waste and toxin build up that have accumulated in the intestinal tract for quite some time, say over several years, would prove to be a difficult task to remove. But Herbal Mucous Eliminator promises just that: the removal of years of amassed colonic toxins and waste, thereby permitting essential nutrients to once again be assimilated into the system. In effect weight loss (up to a dramatic 10 pounds in a matter of 7 days) and energy gain may occur with the total elimination of waste as they are already rightfully substituted by nutrients. The Herbal Mucous Eliminator claims to include in its content “milk-free lactobacillus bifidus powder, bentonite in an herbal base of alfalfa leaf, cascara sagrada bark, rose hips, buckom bark, garlic and capsicum.” And it detoxifies and eliminated toxic and waste matter not only in the intestinal tract but in other vital cells and organs of the body as well.

Super Boost Greens

The third component of 7-Day Miracle Cleanse plan is Super Boost Greens, also known as the regulation supplement. What does it regulate? Super Boost Greens serves to regulate and sustain the balance of pH levels in the digestive tract. This supplement also works hand-in-hand with Parasine 2 in its parasite removal capacity, and supports Herbal Mucous Eliminator in thwarting the further build up of toxins and waste in the colon. It also acts as an energy booster with its nutritional content, so that the body would not feel week while undergoing the 7-Day Miracle Cleanse. Super Boost Greens contains alfalfa, sea kelp, wheat grass, spinach leaf, powdered orange peel, gotu-kola and Hawaiian spirulina.

The benefits of the 7-Day Miracle Cleanse go beyond the typical benefits that one gets out of other colon cleansing supplements and methods. But as in the case of other dietary supplements, it is always best to consult medical and health experts before using the 7-Day Miracle Cleanse as a supplement to cleanse the colon.

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