Let’s Talk Colon Cleanse Versus Laxatives

Colon cleanse, known as well as colonic irrigation, is a procedure where the overall digestive area is being washed or rinsed. The goal of the cleanse is to remove and loosen every fecal matter which have been jammed at some areas of the colon.  Colon cleanse is done by the use of a speculum inserted in the rectum and attachment of another hose where fecal matter exits coming from breaking up by the pressure of warm water.Colon Cleanse versus Laxatives

Why have Colonics?

There are contrasting views concerning the necessity for having the colon cleansed. Some say it is necessary. Some oppose it. According to Mayo Clinic, the wastes are eliminated in a natural way most probably earlier than these wastes become toxic which could damage the health. These experts claim that the digestive system is capable of cleansing its own.

However, NDDIC says that, since numerous people reaching up to 4M Americans experience constipation, and another 2.5M people visiting their doctors yearly, maybe the ideal natural cleansing of the digestive system is not applicable to all. Additionally, fecal impaction is possible once excessive or severe constipation turns chronic.

There is another digestive concern aside from the old fecal which never got out of the body that coats the walls of the colon and could probably leak toxic materials in the bloodstream. The lower digestive tract containing old stools is the reason why new stools can’t pass through freely which everyday worsens the concerns awaiting an emergency.


According to Mayo Clinic’s warning, colon cleanse may cause dehydration. It is easy to think that dehydration can be prevented by drinking a lot of fluid. The colon cleanse should not be accompanied with the use of a laxative. Another concern is to make sure that the colonic practitioner has sterilized equipment which is disposable.

Even though a lot of warnings are posted to secure safety, Mayo Clinic still points out that there is few scientific evidence existing that colon cleanse detoxifies the body in an effective manner. Yet, commonsensical mind will say that to possibly achieve a continuous healthy going body, elimination of toxic fecal matter inside the colon at the same time having every needed safety measures, in a gently observed way.

The Use of Laxatives

The ingredients contained by laxatives differ from one another yet they arrive at a similar purpose which is to make passage of stools with ease by breaking up or softening them, says the Medical News Today. Psyllium husks which are agents to produce bulk in the stool, and the like, work for the bowel to be able to absorb more water to move out in an easier manner.

Another kind of laxative is the stool softener which causes the water and fat in the penetration of the stool to cause it to easily move. However, repeated use of this kind of laxative loses its effectiveness. These 2 types of laxatives work between half a day to 3 days. Saline laxatives create pressure and stool softening which works half an hour. Other kinds of laxatives ingredients are hyperosmotic agents and castor oils.

Habitual use of laxatives or colon cleanse can cause problems. In a natural way, proper digestion takes place with the help of natural fiber intakes and physical activities. If problem still arises even with the use of natural ways, it is important to have a talk with the doctor.

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